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Homo sapiens
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Homo sapiens
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Mus musculus
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The current list of bonafide CLOCK:ARNTL target genes is fairly small, with evidence coming from a variety of experimental sources: the identification of the E-box within the gene's promoter, reduced mRNA leves in CLOCK- or ARNTL- mutant animals, chromatin immunopreciptiation assasys, reporter gene assays, and in vitro DNA binding assays (eg. EMSA). Some of the classical CLOCK:ARNTL targets, evidenced via several of the above approaches, include [gene name (Gene ID]): Per1 (18626), Per2 (8864), Cry1 (1407), Dbp (1628) and Nr1d1 (217166).

There are likely many other direct CLOCK:ARNTL target genes, and a searchable database of putative CLOCK:ARNTL targets can be found here:

Of note, some CLOCK:ARNTL target genes may also be regulated by other transcription factors.

Targets (author curated)
  Target gene TF complex Effect References GO terms (biological process)
1 Avp (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 22 terms found
2 Cry1 (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 8 terms found
3 Dbp (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 6 terms found
4 Nr1d1 (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 5 terms found
5 Nr1d2 (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 4 terms found
6 Per1 (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 11 terms found
7 Per2 (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 7 terms found
8 Prok2 (mouse) CLOCK:ARNTL
(none) 3 terms found
Targets (automatically populated)
About this section
Data found in this section is cached from PAZAR, a public database of transcription factor and regulatory sequence annotation. Visit PAZAR at
  Target gene TF complex Effect References GO terms (biological process)
1 Dbp (mouse) pazar CLOCK_MOUSE/ARNTL_MOUSE
18252768 6 terms found
2 Per2 (mouse) pazar CLOCK_MOUSE/ARNTL_MOUSE
15699353 7 terms found