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Lmx1b is member of Lmx subgroup of LIM-HD protiens, together with Lmx1a. Lmx1b is widely expressed in the developing mouse embryo, and it has a role in limb, eye, kidney, brain and skull development[1][2]. In the CNS, Lmx1b is required for formation of the isthmus, an important signaling center at the midbrain/hindbrain junction, where it maintains Wnt1 and Fgf8 expression[3][4][5]. Lmx1b is also required for hindbrain serotonergic and midbrain dopaminergic neuronal development[6][7][8]. It also controls roof plate formation[9] and differentiation and migration of a subset of dorsal dI3 inerneurons in the spinal cord[10]. In the developing limbs, Lmx1b coordinates the dorsoventral trajectories of incoming motor neurons[11]. Heterozygous mutations in human LMX1B cause nail patella syndrome, which is modeled by Lmx1b null mice which have limb and kidney abnormalities in addition to the CNS phenotypes outlined above[1].

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FIGURE 1 Schematic of LIM-HD proteins
LIM-HD proteins are characterized by two protein binding LIM domains located N-terminal of DNA binding homeodomain. Within the Lmx group, amino acid sequence of the LIM domains are 64% and 84% identical, and the homeodomain is 100% identical.
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