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Homo sapiens
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Homo sapiens
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Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
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The role of NFIX in development has been assessed using multipotent neural progenitor cells and Nfix-/- mice. NFIX appears to play an important role in brain development as mice lacking Nfix have severe defects in brain development. These mice also have changes in intestine development and possibly defects in skeletal development. See Nfix for more information on these phenotypes.

NFIX appears essential for JC virus replication in human cells and functional antagonism between NFIA and NFIX in JCV replication has been observed.

See NFIA for a general description of the NFI gene family.

FIGURE 1 Fig. 1. (originally Fig. 7). JCV susceptibility for progenitor-derived neurons overexpressing each NFI family member.
From Messam et al. Ann Neurol. 53:636-646 2003. (a) Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) detection of the expression of each transfected NFI transcription factor in progenitor-derived neuronal cells using class-specific primers. Lane 1 and 6 were untransfected neuronal cell controls, whereas lanes 2 to 5 were transfected with plasmids encoding NFI-A (lane 2), NFI-B (lane 3), NFI-C (lane 4), and NFI-X (lane 5); lane 1 was uninfected and lanes 2 to 6 were infected with JCV. RT-PCR was performed with or without reverse transcriptase (plus and minus signs). (b) Northern blot analysis of mRNA expression of JCV T. Lanes 1 to 6 are total RNA with the same conditions as in a. Lane 7 contains RNA from progenitor cells infected with JCV. The blot was probed with a specific radiolabeled probe against JCV T RNA. The arrow on the left indicates the expressed mRNA species for JCV T gene. The blot was later reprobed for GAPDH. (c) Immunocytochemistry for JCV T protein in neuronal cells transfected with NFI-X and infected with JCV. Cells were immunostained with antibodies against -III tubulin (red) and JCV protein (green). Arrowheads indicate neuronal cells expressing viral protein. Scale bar represents 50 um.
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