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Homo sapiens
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
Mus musculus
Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
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No annotation is available in this section for this article. The content below is taken from a related TF, ESR1 (Homo sapiens).

Estrogens exert effects in a broad range of target tissues, including stimulation of the uterus, facilitation of proliferation/endbud development in the mammary gland, and bone metabolism. As has been reviewed extensively by Walker and Korach[1], mice with a disrupted ESR1 lack many of these responses.

  1. Walker VR and Korach KS. Estrogen receptor knockout mice as a model for endocrine research. , 45(4):455-61. (PMID 15454684)
    MeSH cloud (automatically populated)
    About this section
    The MeSH cloud below displays MeSH terms that are associated with this transcription factor. The physical size of the terms reflect the significance of their association with the transcription factor as determined by the Fisher's Exact Test. It should be noted that these associations do not necessarily imply a positive correlation between the described MeSH term and this transcription factor. For instance, if the MeSH term "apoptosis" occurs, it may indicate that this transcription factor can induce apoptosis (positive correlation), or prevent apoptosis (negative correlation). Methods: The transcription factor is mapped to a set of Pubmed publications through the gene-to-pubmed association as provided by NCBI. Then, a collection of MeSH terms associated with the papers are compiled, along with the frequency of each MeSH term. The Fisher's Exact Test is conducted on the frequency of each term in the collection, versus its average frequency, to determine its significance in the collection. More information on MeSH can be found on the MeSH homepage.
    MeSH term Fisher's exact p-value
    1 Encephalomyelitis, Autoimmune, Experimental 4.8 x 10-13
    2 Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental 2.2 x 10-7
    3 Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects 3.1 x 10-6
    4 Infertility, Female 0.00024
    5 Hyperplasia 0.00072
    6 Cryptorchidism 0.00078
    7 Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental 0.00092
    8 Atrophy 0.0010
    9 Edema, Cardiac 0.010
    10 Corneal Neovascularization 0.016
    11 Sertoli Cell Tumor 0.018
    12 Myocardial Reperfusion Injury 0.023
    13 MPTP Poisoning 0.023
    14 Presbycusis 0.024
    15 Ventricular Premature Complexes 0.026
    16 Albuminuria 0.026
    17 Atherosclerosis 0.027
    18 Cystitis, Interstitial 0.028
    19 Endometrial Neoplasms 0.035
    20 Breast Neoplasms, Male 0.041
    21 Androgen-Insensitivity Syndrome 0.041
    22 Granulosa Cell Tumor 0.045
    23 Abnormalities, Drug-Induced 0.047
    MeSH term Fisher's exact p-value
    1 Mammary Neoplasms, Animal 1.0 x 10-16
    2 Disease Models, Animal 1.7 x 10-15
    3 Encephalomyelitis, Autoimmune, Experimental 4.8 x 10-13
    4 Nervous System Autoimmune Disease, Experimental 1.0 x 10-12
    5 Infertility 3.4 x 10-12
    6 Infertility, Male 2.1 x 10-10
    7 Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental 2.2 x 10-7
    8 Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects 3.1 x 10-6
    9 Prenatal Injuries 3.5 x 10-6
    10 Demyelinating Autoimmune Diseases, CNS 3.8 x 10-6
    11 Breast Neoplasms 1.9 x 10-5
    12 Breast Diseases 4.5 x 10-5
    13 Demyelinating Diseases 6.1 x 10-5
    14 Body Weight 6.8 x 10-5
    15 Autoimmune Diseases of the Nervous System 0.00014
    16 Animal Diseases 0.00018
    17 Infertility, Female 0.00024
    18 Genital Diseases, Male 0.00062
    19 Hyperplasia 0.00072
    20 Cryptorchidism 0.00078
    21 Cell Transformation, Neoplastic 0.00085
    22 Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental 0.00092
    23 Atrophy 0.0010
    24 Reperfusion Injury 0.0035
    25 Urogenital Abnormalities 0.0039
    26 Gonadal Disorders 0.0071
    27 Testicular Diseases 0.0092
    28 Edema, Cardiac 0.010
    29 Bone Diseases, Metabolic 0.013
    30 Corneal Neovascularization 0.016
    31 Sex Differentiation Disorders 0.017
    32 Sertoli Cell Tumor 0.018
    33 Gonadal Dysgenesis 0.018
    34 Myocardial Reperfusion Injury 0.023
    35 Neoplasms, Experimental 0.023
    36 MPTP Poisoning 0.023
    37 Presbycusis 0.024
    38 Ventricular Premature Complexes 0.026
    39 Albuminuria 0.026
    40 Atherosclerosis 0.027
    41 Cystitis, Interstitial 0.028
    42 Endometrial Neoplasms 0.035
    43 Proteinuria 0.036
    44 Genital Diseases, Female 0.038
    45 Breast Neoplasms, Male 0.041
    46 Androgen-Insensitivity Syndrome 0.041
    47 Ovarian Cysts 0.045
    48 Granulosa Cell Tumor 0.045
    49 Autoimmune Diseases 0.047
    50 Abnormalities, Drug-Induced 0.047
    MGI mammalian phenotype terms (automatically populated)
    No annotation is available in this section for this article. The content below is taken from a related TF, ESR1 (Homo sapiens).
    abnormal kidney physiology (MP:0002136) abnormal bone marrow cell number (MP:0000172) abnormal ovary morphology (MP:0001126) decreased body weight (MP:0001262) increased body weight (MP:0001260) obese (MP:0001261) thymus hypoplasia (MP:0001823) abnormal spermatogenesis (MP:0001156) hyperactivity (MP:0001399) increased vertical activity (MP:0002574) abnormal mating receptivity (MP:0001376) reduced male mating frequency (MP:0001380) increased aggression towards females (MP:0001356) abnormal pup retrieval (MP:0001384) abnormal maternal nurturing (MP:0001386) pup cannibalization (MP:0001385) absent corpus luteum (MP:0001134) abnormal seminiferous tubule morphology (MP:0002216) abnormal uterus morphology (MP:0001120) abnormal immunoglobulin level (MP:0002490) female infertility (MP:0001926) male infertility (MP:0001925) reduced male fertility (MP:0001922) seminiferous tubule degeneration (MP:0001154) abnormal innervation (MP:0002184) uterus hypoplasia (MP:0001121) increased circulating HDL cholesterol level (MP:0001556) abnormal B cell number (MP:0002458) cortical renal glomerulopathies (MP:0000523) abnormal hypothalamus morphology (MP:0000837) abnormal epididymis morphology (MP:0002631) small uterus (MP:0002637) oligozoospermia (MP:0002687) asthenozoospermia (MP:0002675) glomerulonephritis (MP:0002743) short tibia (MP:0002764) increased double-positive T cell number (MP:0005091) increased circulating testosterone level (MP:0002781) proteinuria (MP:0005160) increased circulating estradiol level (MP:0005182) increased circulating cholesterol level (MP:0005178) insulin resistance (MP:0005331) decreased heart weight (MP:0002834) abnormal circulating protein level (MP:0005416) abnormal bone mineralization (MP:0002896) teratozoospermia (MP:0005578) decreased lung weight (MP:0005631) impaired fertilization (MP:0000242) decreased aggression (MP:0005656) increased circulating leptin level (MP:0005669) short femur (MP:0003109) abnormal response/metabolism to endogenous compounds (MP:0003638) abnormal female reproductive system physiology (MP:0003699) abnormal bone structure (MP:0003795) abnormal cortical bone morphology (MP:0003796) decreased aggression towards males (MP:0003862) short ulna (MP:0004359) decreased length of long bones (MP:0004686) decreased circulating insulin-like growth factor I level (MP:0004701) increased anti-double stranded DNA antibody level (MP:0004762) abnormal class switch recombination (MP:0004816) decreased testis weight (MP:0004852) abnormal endometrium morphology (MP:0004896) decreased uterus weight (MP:0004905) decreased osteoblast cell number (MP:0004989) decreased bone strength (MP:0004991) abnormal seminiferous epithelium morphology (MP:0006304) decreased CD4-positive T cell number (MP:0008075) decreased CD8-positive T cell number (MP:0008079) increased plasma cell number (MP:0008097) abnormal bone ossification (MP:0008271) increased spleen germinal center number (MP:0008481) abnormal mesonephros morphology (MP:0008487) increased IgG3 level (MP:0008502) abnormal spleen physiology (MP:0008737) abnormal lymph node cell ratio (MP:0008828) detached sperm flagellum (MP:0008893) dilated rete testis (MP:0006423) dilated seminiferous tubules (MP:0009257) increased gonadal fat pad weight (MP:0009285) increased retroperitoneal fat pad weight (MP:0009304) ovarian follicular cyst (MP:0009444) failure of ejaculation (MP:0009856) increased total body fat amount (MP:0010024) decreased bone mineral density (MP:0010121) decreased bone mineral content (MP:0010124) increased body length (MP:0001257) abnormal vertebrae morphology (MP:0000137) increased circulating luteinizing hormone level (MP:0001751) long femur (MP:0004348) abnormal muscle morphology (MP:0002108) abnormal skeleton development (MP:0002113) abnormal mammary gland development (MP:0000628) abnormal testis morphology (MP:0001146) decreased body length (MP:0001258) failure of embryo implantation (MP:0001728) impaired ovarian folliculogenesis (MP:0001129) abnormal vagina epithelium morphology (MP:0001140) decreased circulating testosterone level (MP:0002780) decreased circulating prolactin level (MP:0005121) decreased circulating estradiol level (MP:0005181) impaired glucose tolerance (MP:0005293) abnormal renal glomerulus morphology (MP:0005325) abnormal mesangial cell (MP:0005327) increased circulating glucose level (MP:0005559) abnormal pituitary gland physiology (MP:0005646) abnormal long bone epiphyseal plate morphology (MP:0003055) abnormal male reproductive system physiology (MP:0003698) abnormal efferent ductules of testis (MP:0004728) ovary hemorrhage (MP:0004834) abnormal testis weight (MP:0004850) abnormal epididymis epithelium morphology (MP:0004933) abnormal kidney protein excretion (MP:0006315) decreased long bone epiphyseal plate size (MP:0006396) decreased mature B cell number (MP:0008211) decreased immature B cell number (MP:0008215) decreased lactotroph cell number (MP:0008332) anovulation (MP:0008869) abnormal physiological response to xenobiotic (MP:0008872) decreased physiological sensitivity to xenobiotic (MP:0008874) dilated efferent ductules of testis (MP:0009140) abnormal internal male genitalia morphology (MP:0009205) abnormal superovulation (MP:0009648) abnormal chondrocyte physiology (MP:0009780) spermatic granuloma (MP:0009824) dilated uterus (MP:0001123) abnormal luteinizing hormone level (MP:0003969) absent endometrial glands (MP:0009097) endometrium atrophy (MP:0009359) abnormal secondary ovarian follicle morphology (MP:0009363) abnormal theca folliculi (MP:0009365) osteoporosis (MP:0000066) abnormal osteoclast physiology (MP:0001541) increased osteoclast cell number (MP:0004984) increased bone resorption (MP:0004992) increased body size (MP:0001264) abnormal vagina morphology (MP:0001139) ovary cysts (MP:0002016) impaired granulosa cell differentiation (MP:0003357) vagina hypoplasia (MP:0008984) increased mammary fat pad weight (MP:0009296) increased thecal cell number (MP:0009371) decreased circulating progesterone level (MP:0005185) abnormal branching of the mammary ductal tree (MP:0000662) decreased ovulation frequency (MP:0003355) increased uterus weight (MP:0004904) enlarged uterus (MP:0004906) uterus cysts (MP:0009082) endometrium hyperplasia (MP:0009092) enlarged endometrial glands (MP:0009251) abnormal uterus physiology (MP:0009671) decreased bone mass (MP:0004016) increased bone mineral density (MP:0010120) abnormal ovarian follicle morphology (MP:0001131) abnormal ovarian folliculogenesis (MP:0001130) decreased male germ cell number (MP:0004901) absent estrous cycle (MP:0009009) abnormal rete testis morphology (MP:0006416) abnormal Sertoli cell morphology (MP:0002784) small vagina (MP:0008983) thin uterus (MP:0009081) reduced female fertility (MP:0001923) abnormal estrous cycle (MP:0001927) infertility (MP:0001924) increased susceptibility to atherosclerosis (MP:0005339) abnormal reproductive system physiology (MP:0001919) abnormal female reproductive system morphology (MP:0001119) abnormal male reproductive system morphology (MP:0001145) small testis (MP:0001147) increased adipose tissue amount (MP:0005453) abnormal prostate physiology (MP:0003607) abnormal myometrium morphology (MP:0008256) abnormal granulosa cell morphology (MP:0008868) abnormal primordial ovarian follicle morphology (MP:0009361) abnormal primary ovarian follicle morphology (MP:0009362) abnormal prostate gland branching morphogenesis (MP:0009736) decreased litter size (MP:0001935) decreased corpora lutea number (MP:0002680) decreased circulating luteinizing hormone level (MP:0002773) decreased gonadotroph cell number (MP:0008335) increased gonadotroph cell number (MP:0008334) abnormal ovarian follicle number (MP:0008871) early reproductive senescence (MP:0008995) prolonged diestrus (MP:0009011) oocyte degeneration (MP:0009093) increased white adipose tissue amount (MP:0000008) abnormal nociception after inflammation (MP:0002736) hyporesponsive to tactile stimuli (MP:0005498) impaired passive avoidance behavior (MP:0004000) decreased energy expenditure (MP:0004890) increased white fat cell size (MP:0009118) increased white fat cell number (MP:0009130) increased epididymal fat pad weight (MP:0009288) increased inguinal fat pad weight (MP:0009292) increased parametrial fat pad weight (MP:0009300) increased renal fat pad weight (MP:0009302) decreased birth weight (MP:0009674) abnormal sexual interaction (MP:0002566) abnormal uterus weight (MP:0004903) decreased spleen weight (MP:0004953) abnormal hematopoiesis (MP:0002123) abnormal B cell differentiation (MP:0002144) decreased thymocyte number (MP:0000715) decreased B cell number (MP:0005017) abnormal thymus physiology (MP:0003763) decreased thymus weight (MP:0004956) altered response of heart to induced stress (MP:0004484) premature death (MP:0002083) decreased circulating follicle stimulating hormone level (MP:0002790) cachexia (MP:0005150) testis tumor (MP:0006262) ovary tumor (MP:0008000) abnormal hepatocyte morphology (MP:0000607) kyphoscoliosis (MP:0000069) hepatic necrosis (MP:0001654) liver inflammation (MP:0001860) abnormal stomach glandular epithelium morphology (MP:0000473) abnormal gastric mucosa morphology (MP:0005209) abnormal skeleton physiology (MP:0001533) abnormal cancellous bone morphology (MP:0000130) abnormal macrophage physiology (MP:0002451) mammary adenocarcinoma (MP:0001883) mammary gland alveolar hyperplasia (MP:0001884) mammary gland duct hyperplasia (MP:0001885) mammary gland hyperplasia (MP:0000630) delayed tumor appearance (MP:0009828) abnormal circulating cholesterol level (MP:0000180) atherosclerotic lesions (MP:0005338) uterus atrophy (MP:0004894) mammary gland tumor (MP:0006318)